Custom Content and Boosts

  • Wilvus - 2x Speed boost to /steal

  • Thieving Master Cape - 30% Speed boost to /steal

  • Thieves' Armband:

    • Drops from sending trips with Wilvus equipped at a rate of 1/5,000 per 6 minutes (rounded up) in a trip. i.e. a 30 minute trip will give 5x 1/5,000 rolls, a 10 minute trip will give 2x 1/5,000 rolls etc.

    • 50% increased success chance when pickpocketing. This effect works from the bank.

    • 3x Loot from pickpocketing, excluding Blood shard, Enhanced crystal teleport seed and clue scrolls. Must be equipped for this effect.

    • While equipped this can break at a rate of 1/2,400 per minute of your trip. This cannot be repaired once broken.

  • Black knight guard - Requires 90% Zamorak god favor. 1/215 chance to get the Dark Temple key which allows you to /k name:Elite Black Knight .

  • Royal dwarven guard - An alternative way of leveling at 99 and beyond. Around one third of XP/h at Vyre's but reward around 45m coins per hour.

Optimal Gear Setup


MethodXp / Hr

Pickpocket Vyre


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