Grandmaster Clues


  • 250 QP

  • Level 90 in all skills

  • 'Actual clues completed' - You have the clue drop on CL, you have run trips of the clues, and you have opened the caskets as followed:

    • Easy - 300

    • Medium - 250

    • Hard - 200

    • Elite - 150

    • Master - 100

Master clue scrolls can be created by Watson by using the /create item:Master clue quantity:[#] command if you have the required lower-tier clue scrolls in your bank.



Grandmaster Clues can be received from a wide range of content. The rates are not included here because they change often and vary greatly between sources. A list of common sources is as follows:

Kalphite King, Vasa Magus, Sea Kraken, Ignecarus, Nex, Malygos, QBD, Elder Birdhouses, Fishing, Woodcutting, Master Clue Caskets, and Item Contracts.

General Loot Table

The general loot table from Grandmaster Caskets consists of:

  • Small amounts of teak, mahogany, yew, magic and elder logs

  • Varying amounts and types of runes

  • Rune and dragon equipment

  • Mysterious Seeds

  • Air, Earth, Fire, and Water orbs

  • Normal, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Steam and Lava battlestaves

  • Tradeable, Untradeable, Equippable, Pet and Holiday Mystery boxes

  • Barrows equipment

  • Tiny, Small, Average, Large Huge Lamps

  • Clue Scrolls (Beginner to Master)

  • Random Clue Scroll Loot (Hard to Master)

  • Super Restores and Saradomin Brew

Unique Loot Table

The Grandmaster loot system operates on rolls, of which there are 5-11 for each casket opened. Because of this, the drop rate varies based on the rolls you receive, so it will be represented as X.

  • Malygos and Ignecarus Masks (x/50)

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