In BSO, there are many types of custom weapons and armour that have higher than usual stats or give bonuses to various skilling activities or bosses.

First Age

First Age equipment is obtained at a very rare rate from Grandmaster Caskets

First Age Bracelet

1% Overall XP Boost

First Age Ring

1% Overall XP Boost

First Age Amulet

1% Overall XP Boost

First Age Tiara

1% Overall XP Boost

First Age Cape

1% Overall XP Boost

Having the entire First Age set equipped gives the player an extra 1% boost, for a total of 6%.

Dwarven Equipment

Dwarven Tools

The dwarven tools are smithed from Dwarven Bars


Dwarven Greataxe

2x Woodcutting speed

2x Wintertodt speed


Dwarven Pickaxe

2x Mining speed


Dwarven Gauntlets

2x Smelting speed

3x Cooking speed


Dwarven Greathammer

2x Smithing speed

2x Crafting speed


Dwarven Knife

2x Fletching speed


Note: To smith tools, you need 99 Smithing and Blacksmith Equipment

Dwarven Armour

Armour PieceBars Needed

Dwarven Full Helm


Dwarven Platebody


Dwarven Platelegs


Dwarven Boots


Dwarven Gloves


Note: To smith equipment, you need 120 Smithing and Blacksmith Equipment

Currently only used at Ignecarus and Moktang.

Other Dwarven Gear

These dwarven gear are unlike the previous in that they are not smithable from Dwarven bars and instead are rare drops.

Dwarven Warhammer: Rare drop from King Goldemar and provides a 40% PvM boost. Drops as a Broken Dwarven Warhammer and must be fixed, requiring 120 Smithing, Blacksmith's Outfit, and 3 Dwarven Bars.

Dwarven Blessing: Rare drop from Grandmaster Caskets and provides a 20% boost to PvM (25% with Amulet of Zealots). Consumes 1 Prayer Potion per 5 minutes of PvM (reduced by 40% with Prayer Master Cape).

Abyssal Equipment

Abyssal Cape - Provides an aura which reduces food consumption by 50%. Obtained from Malygos

Nex Equipment

The following items are obtained from Nex. These items all have very high bonuses in their respective style, Pernix - range, Torva - melee, and Virtus - magic.

  • Pernix: Cowl, Body, Chaps, Gloves, Boots, Zaryte Bow

  • Torva: Full Helm, Platebody, Platelegs, Gloves, Boots

  • Virtus: Hood, Rob Top, Robe Legs, Gloves, Boots, Wand Book

These items can also be upgraded (except for Virtus Wand and Book) using Gorajan Shards to make Gorajan Armour.

Additionally, the Zaryte Bow is also obtainable as a drop. It gives a 20% boost to Nex and is used in creating the Hellfire Bow.

Drygore Weapons

Drygore weapons are a drop from the Kalphite King. Each type of weapon has a main hand and offhand pair which are the best-in-slot weapons for each respective melee style.

Dungeoneering Gear

There is various gear that can be obtained from Dungeoneering.

Clue Hunter Outfit

The Clue Hunter outfit can be obtained as a rare drop from Grandmaster Caskets (see Misc). It is also obtainable from the Crack the Clue event. It gives a 2x speed boost to completing clues and increases Grandmaster Clue drop rate from Master caskets.

  • Helm of Raedwald

  • Clue Hunter Cloak

  • Clue Hunter Garb

  • Clue Hunter Trousers

  • Clue Hunter Boots

  • Clue Hunter Gloves

Dragonbone Equipment

Dragonbone Equipment is an ornamental version of normal Dragon and Infinity equipment, and is created with Dragonbone Ornament Kits, which are an uncommon drop Queen Black Dragon.

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