Shades of Mort'ton

BSO only content: Necromancer Kit, Shade Skull, Gary


Necromancer Kit

1/375 from any Gold key open

Shade Skull

1/400 from any Gold key open

Gary (perkless pet)

1/1200(multiplied by shade tier) . Urium 1/1200, Fiyr 1/2400, Asyn 1/3600 etc.

Necromancer Kit - used to /create item:Necromancer outfit requiring 50 Fine cloth, 3 Necromancer Kit, 1 Dagon'hai robes set. This cannot be reverted

Shade Skull - Used to create Necromancer's [x] Staff and Skeletal [x] Battlestaff. This can be reverted and you will have the skull returned. [x] is the type of staff. Necromancer's staff require a Mystic [x] staff, Skeletal battlestaff require a [x] battlestaff.

Types of staffs usable: Air, Earth, Fire, Lava, Mud, Steam, Water

List to create + revert for fast CL
/create item:Necromancer's air staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's air staff
/create item:Necromancer's earth staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's earth staff
/create item:Necromancer's fire staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's fire staff
/create item:Necromancer's lava staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's lava staff
/create item:Necromancer's mud staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's mud staff
/create item:Necromancer's steam staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's steam staff
/create item:Necromancer's water staff
/create item:Revert Necromancer's water staff
/create item:Skeletal battlestaff of air
/create item:Revert Skeletal battlestaff of air
/create item:Skeletal battlestaff of earth
/create item:Revert Skeletal battlestaff of earth
/create item:Skeletal battlestaff of fire
/create item:Revert Skeletal battlestaff of fire
/create item:Skeletal battlestaff of water
/create item:Revert Skeletal battlestaff of water
/create item:Skeletal lava battlestaff
/create item:Revert Skeletal lava battlestaff
/create item:Skeletal mud battlestaff
/create item:Revert Skeletal mud battlestaff
/create item:Skeletal steam battlestaff
/create item:Revert Skeletal steam battlestaff

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