Leagues is the name for the feature where you can complete tasks in BSO for points, which can be spent on rewards. Leagues is *not* the same as leagues in OSRS, nor is it meant to be.

  • Leagues is done on the BSO bot

  • Leagues is permanent

  • Leagues is optional and not required for anything

  • Leagues is just a fun extra thing you can do if you want to


  • /leagues check : see your current overall leagues progress

  • /leagues claim : claim all available/points tasks.

  • /leagues view_task: view a specific task and how many have completed it

  • /leagues view_all_tasks : view all leagues tasks

  • /leagues view_all_tasks exclude_finished:True : view all tasks, excluding ones you have finished.

  • /lb leagues : see the leagues leaderboards

How it works

  1. You complete tasks in BSO.

  2. You use /leagues claim to claim points

  3. You spend those points for rewards.


  • You have 2 separate point balances, one for OSB and one for BSO. So, if you claimed a task and got 100 points, you can spend 100 points in OSB and spend 100 points in BSO too, as they are separate.

  • You have to claim (using /leagues claim) in order to mark the tasks as finished and get points.


Rewards in OSB

All Leagues rewards that you can get in OSRS, are available to buy with points in OSB.

You can see all of them here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Leagues_Reward_Shop

You buy them using /buy. For any ornament kit items or similar, such as trailblazer graceful, you can use /create to make the resulting items.

Rewards in BSO

  • Brain lee, the leagues pet, can be claimed at 40k points, The pet is untradeable, and has no perk. It cannot be regained if you drop it or do something with it.

  • +1min max trip length can be claimed at 50k points. Its a permanent, global +1min max trip length extension to any/all trips.

Neither of the above rewards 'charge' or remove points from your point balance, they are just unlocked for free. You'll automatically get them next time you /leagues claim if you have enough total points.

We plan to add more BSO rewards in the future.

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