Balthazar's Big Bonanza

You can start this minigame with the command /bsominigames balthazars_big_bonanza start

This minigame can be done once a week. A trip takes around 15 minutes.



Spectator Clothes

3 unowned items per trip to Balthazar's Big Bonanza only if you have a Igne tame free. If you have multiple Igne tames then you always have a free tame. There are 22 unique items in total.

Giant's hand

1/5 chance to receive from a trip.

Ringmaster set

500 Circus tickets

Clown set

200 Circus tickets

Acrobat set

50 Circus tickets

Circus Tickets

You will receive a random amount of tickets based on your Agility, Ranged and Thieving levels.

This is calculated as: Max tickets = Agility level + Ranged level + (Thieving level / 3). (280 max) Min tickets = (Max tickets/2). Can't be more than 120. i.e. A random amount between 120-280 at 120 all, 113-231 at 99 all, and 2-3 for level 1 all.


Agility, Range and Thieving xp scaled based on your level

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