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BSO Specific Boosts

Boosts for the Inferno are split into two categories: speed and death chance. Speed boosts decrease the time required to complete the Inferno, and death chance boosts decrease your odds of dying before or during the Zuk fight.

Required items and boost items must be equipped in the relevant setups.

Boosts that are listed as negative are good. The - means they are either reducing the time required or your death chance. Positive numbers do the opposite, increasing your time or increasing your death chance.

Death chance is calculated twice since you are able to die before reaching Zuk and during the Zuk fight. Hence Pre-Zuk death chance and Zuk death chance.


Equipping a Hellfire Bow in range (-7.5%) (Same as Twisted Bow) Equipping a Virtus Book in mage (-7%) Equipping the Gorajan Archer Outfit (-5%)* Equipping the Gorajan Occult Outfit (-5%)* Equipping an Ancestral/Virtus Robe Top and Ancestral Robe Bottom/Virtus Legs (-4%) Equipping an Armadyl Chestplate/Pernix Body and Armadyl Chainskirt/Pernix Chaps (-3%)

*Having the Gorajan outfit also gives you the corresponding Nex gear boost. Effectively Gorajan Occult is -9% and Gorajan Archer is -8%

Note: Do not mix and match Armadyl with Pernix or Ancestral with Virtus gear. You must have the corresponding top and bottom in order to recieve the boost.


Equipping a Divine Spirit Shield in range or mage (Pre-Zuk Death Chance -12%) Equipping an Elysian Spirit Shield in range or mage (Pre-Zuk Death Chance -5%) Equipping the Gorajan Archer Outfit (Pre-Zuk Death Chance -3.5%; Zuk Death Chance -3.5%) Equipping the Gorajan Occult Outfit (Pre-Zuk Death Chance -3.5%; Zuk Death Chance -3.5%)

Note: You can have only one spirit shield on in either mage or range, equipping different spirit shields in both setups will not give you both boosts.

Sample Gear Setups

The setups listed below are merely examples. You should choose your gear depending on your goal and progress in the inferno. Also refer to the OSB Wiki guide for boosts that are not unique to BSO.

Note: It is impossible to complete the inferno in under 8 attempts. While under this number, you should prioritize speed over survivability.

Pre-Zuk Survivability


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