Depths of Atlantis (DoA)

Depths of Alantis is an underwater raid, where you escort travellers from the surface, to the underwater city of Atlantis, battling dangerous monsters on the way. You have a chance to get some rare drops from the monsters you face on the way, and also a generous payment once you arrive at Atlantis

Quick Start

  • Do /raid doa help to see if you're ready to do DOA, and to see what requirements you are missing. It will also show your kc, attempts, and other things.

  • Do /raid doa start to start a raid.

  • Start off by raiding with others in teams of 2-5, preferably. But you can solo at any time.



Shadowcaster the Octopus

A giant octopus that turns invisible, you fight it with mage from a distance to prevent it from grabbing you. You must use a Sang staff to stop it from being invisible, and then either a tumeken shadow or void staff as the damaging weapon.

Void staff: 25% Imbued heart: 7% Abyssal tome: 7% Vasa cloak: 7% 120 Fishing: 3% Note: these boosts also reduce your blood rune consumption

Steelmaw the Whale

A giant whale covered in plate-armor. It moves slowly, so you kite it with range. You must use a ballista, bows wont work.

Titan ballista: 25% Obsidian javelins: 25% Ring of piercing: 7% Tidal collector: 7% 120 Fishing: 3%

Voidswimmer the Shark

A powerful shark, swims fast, and is an abyssal creature. You cant keep a distance, must use a trident melee weapon.

Atlantean trident: 25% 120 Strength: 5% 120 Attack: 5% TzKal cape: 9% Ignis ring: 7% 120 Fishing: 3% Note: your death chance increases if you have lower agility.

Thalassar the Ocean's Warden

Summons fish to fight with his trident, casts spells, swims around trying to stab you. You fight it with all 3 styles.

Atlantean trident: 25% 120 Magic: 5% 120 Agility: 5% 120 Attack: 5% 120 Fishing: 3%


Use /raid doa help to see which requirements you don't have!

  • Base 110 Combat stats

  • Good range gear, in your range setup. A ballista (heavy ballista or titan ballista) and javellins (amethyst, dragon or obsidian) are required.

  • Good mage gear, in your mage setup. Void staff or Tumeken's shadow are required, and must have charges.

  • Good melee gear in your melee setup. A Piercing trident, or Atlantean trident, are required.

  • Must own a rune pouch

  • Must have a charged Sang staff in your bank.

Food/Item Costs per raid

  • 1x Super combat pot, Ranging pot, Sanfew serum, Magic pot, Enhanced stamina pot

  • Brews and restores

  • Sang staff charges

  • Void staff charges or Tumeken's shadow charges (depending on which you are using)

  • Javelins (That are equipped in your range setup)

  • If Challenge mode: +4 brews, +1 restore, an extra stam, and more staff charges.


  • You use less Sanguinesti staff charges(Blood runes) based on the boosts you have in the Shadowcaster the Octopus room. So, you can use around 40% less runes if you have the max boosts.

Rewards & Uniques

For each DOA raid, your team has a 1 in X chance of receiving a unique, which then goes to a random person in the team. Then, the recipient receives a unique that they haven't yet received, or if they have received them all, they receive a random one.

If you didn't get a unique, you instead roll on the non-unique table, which gives... Oceanic dye, Shark tooth, Clues and Supplies(Gems, Ores, Stone spirits, Fletching items, Rune items, Dragon items).

Lastly, there is the pet droprate, that everyone gets a roll of every raid, the droprate is shown in /droprate


These uniques are dropped at the 1 in X droprate mentioned above.


Aquifer aegis

Used to create the Ring of piercing

Oceanic relic

Used to create the Atlantean trident

Shark jaw

Used to make the Tidal collector

Other Uniques and Created Items

Oceanic dye

Used to dye

Shark tooth

Used to make the Shark tooth necklace

Oceanic shroud (tier 1/2/3/4/5)

Bought after unlocking the required KC

Piercing trident

Created using 2x Merfolk trident, 3x Igne dragonclaw

Atlantean trident

Created using Piercing trident, Oceanic relic, 5k treasured materials, 5k magic materials, 1k precious materials, 1k powerful materials, 1k swift materials.

Shark tooth necklace

Created using 5x Shark tooth, and boosts fishing by 5% if equipped.

Ring of piercing

Created using 10x Archers ring, 6x Masori components, 3x Armadylean components, 1x Aquifer aegis

Ring of piercing (i)

Created using Ring of piercing and Magus scroll. BiS range ring.

Tidal collector

Created using Masori assembler, Shark jaw, 10x Masori components, Abyssal cape, 10x Armadylean components


A big turtle pet!

Challenge Mode

  • The unique chance is 20% more common in Challenge Mode raids.

  • You can receive the pet transmogs in challenge mode, at a droprate shown in /droprate , in an order of ones you don't have first. These are not real pets, there is only 1 real pet from DOA.

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