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Memory Harvesting in Divination

Memory Harvesting Overview

Divination is a skill where you harvest Divine energies from Memories.

Memory harvesting is the primary method for training in Divination. It involves capturing memories to convert them into experience points (XP) or energy.


  • Convert to XP: Converts memories directly into XP. This is the default method. No one should use this method.

  • Convert to Energy: Converts memories into energies. This is the main way you gain energies.

  • Convert to XP With Energy: Utilizes energy for higher XP/hr but at a cost. This is the highest XP/hr and consumes energies.


  • Wisp-buster: Boosts XP/hr by 30%

  • Divine hand: Gives 30% more energy, and allows memories to drop Clue scrolls.

Only one of the above inventions can be used at a time.

  • Jar of memories: When equipped, extends your maximum trip length by 7 minutes.

  • Boons: Increases XP by 10%, if you have the appropriate boon unlocked.

  • Guthixian Cache Boost: 20% extra XP and energy for one trip per boost.

  • Divination potion: Variable extra energy/xp and +10 level boost for /memoryharvest (Allows you to do higher tiers before having the required level)

  • Diviner's outfit - 4% xp boost

Other Things

  • You can receive Divine eggs from memory harvesting (Excluding the convert with energy method), which can be opened for some random energy, and which drop a Jar of memories.

  • You can receive the Divination pet, Doopy!

  • The highest tier of energy, Ancient, requires that you have unlocked the city of Atlantis by receiving any Depths of Atlantis raid reward.


Using energy, you can make 'Boons', which are items that boost XP from that particular energy by 10%.

Energies are used to make the boon for the next tier up. As such, there is no Pale boon, and Pale energy is used to create a Flickering boon. Ancient energy, being the highest tier, is not used for making any boon.

  1. Create a boon using /create

  2. Use the boon, consuming it, using /use


Portents are items that give you helpful boosts/perks in certain places. They are created using divination energies.


  • Create the portent using /create

  • Use it with divination charge_portent to receive the portent charges.

  • Check your charges and view information about a specific portent using: /divination portent.

Portent List

  • Cache Portent: Converts cache boosts into tradable items.

  • Rogues Portent: Triples loot from pickpocketing.

  • Lucky Portent: Doubles loot from IC rewards and XP from tears of Guthix.

  • Rebirth Portent: Allows you to receive divine eggs from any gathering skills.

  • Dungeon Portent: Boosts dungeoneering XP (use /rates for XP/hr).

  • Spiritual Mining Portent: Enhances XP in mining with stone spirits (use /rates for XP/hr).

  • Pacifist Hunting Portent: Releases hunting catches for extra XP (use /rates for XP/hr).

  • Graceful Portent: Increases agility XP (use /rates for XP/hr).

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