General Information

All xp in BSO is granted a 5x boost from OSB/OSRS rates.

Global Boosts

There are five extremely rare items called First Age that each boost all xp gains by 1% with an additional 1% added if you have all 5 equipped.

Having a master cape equipped anywhere will give a global 3% boost to all xp gained. This goes up to 8% when training the skill you have mastery in.

A community spreadsheet, available here, shows all the best exp rates of each skill. You are also able to enter your own exp and see the time left to reach various xp milestones.

Max Trip Length

There are many ways to increase your minion's max trip length in BSO. The default time is 30 minutes. This can be increased with patreon by 3 minutes at tier 1, 6 minutes at tier 2, and 10 minutes at tier 3+. You can gain 15 seconds for every 2.5b value (including Skipper bonus) you have sacrificied up to a maximum of +1 minute at 10b. This is multiplied 3x with tier 3+ patron for +3 minutes at 10b. The Hitpoints Master Capeincreases your max trip length for all things /k by 20% as well as dungeoneering trips by 10% along with an additional +6.18 minutes gained from having level 120 hp. Zak will extended your max trip by 40% (these 20% and 40% boosts are not applied to the time from sac value nor from leagues). Finally for having 50k+ league points you will gain an additional +1 minute to your max trip length. The maximum current trip length is therefore (30+10+(110/89*5))*1.2*1.4+3+1 = 81.582 minutes

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