Halloween 2021

This is now a **Discontinued** event, for all intents and purposes, all information in this page is no longer relevant to BSO, and only remains for informational purposes.


You must equip at least one piece of scary gear in order to go trick or treating. The full list of scary gear is as follows:

  • Scythe, Red halloween mask, Blue halloween mask, Green halloween mask, Black hween mask, Skeleton mask, Skeleton shirt, Skeleton leggings, Skeleton gloves, Skeleton boots, Jack lantern mask, Zombie head, Black hween mask, Grim reaper hood, Antisanta mask, Antisanta jacket, Antisanta pantaloons, Antisanta gloves, Antisanta boots, Gravedigger mask, Gravedigger top, Gravedigger leggings, Gravedigger gloves, Gravedigger boots, Banshee mask, Banshee top, Banshee robe, Jonas mask, Spookier hood, Spookier robe, Spookier skirt, Spookier gloves, Spookier boots, Pumpkin lantern, Skeleton lantern, Web cloak, Evil chicken head, Evil chicken wings, Evil chicken legs, Evil chicken feet, Clown mask, Clown bow tie, Clown gown, Clown trousers, Clown shoes, Hunting knife, Anti-panties

Note: The spooky gear and Eek are currently not able to be equipped and as such have been omitted from the above list.


You need only 4 scary items equipped for the max boost of 10 rolls. Be sure to equip a Zak if you have one to trick or treat for the max time possible. The easiest spooky items to find if you are unable to buy any items or are an iron is the skeleton set, which can be earned from killing skeletons with =k skeleton

  • Malygos/Ignecarus mask - 10% extra rolls

  • Warlock/Witch outfit (cloak, legs, top) - 10% extra rolls

Trick or Treating

The event can be started by using the command =trickortreat or =tot This command can only be run from 6pm - 4am (UK time) or from 1pm - 11pm (EST). You are also limited in the number of trips you can send per day to two, this was recently changed (10/15/21), along with an increase of rolls to 2.5x greater to allow you to still get the same output while sending less trips.

It gives various Halloween themed candies and foods as a result, including: Choc'rock, Chocolified skull, Eyescream, Rotten Sweets, Toffeet, Candy Teeth, Hairyfloss, Goblinfinger Soup, Benny's Brain Brew, and Roasted Newt. (In order below)

Four human pieces (those being the Human Appendage, Sliced Femur, Human Blood, and Human Tooth) can be found while doing farming trips at a rate of one in two-hundred minutes, upon which the trip return message will have an attached phrase which can vary.

Currently the Halloween pet, Gregoyle, can be found while killing gargoyles when the user has at least one Choc'rock in their bank. The pet has a small chance to appear on a trip when a Choc'rock is consumed. The longer a trip is, the higher the chance of a gargoyle consuming the Choc'rock, so using a Zak when attempting to get the pet is recommended. The current observed average to get the pet is five Choc'rocks consumed, however no official rates have been provided. Once a first pet has been obtained, the chance of a Choc'rock being consumed is roughly three times rarer.


Pumpkinhead is a mass only boss that will only appear in the main discord server for the month of October. He can be summoned with a mysterious token (which may be given to t5 patrons), else you can join the mass for the boss every five hours.

To participate in the mass you must have at least 60hp worth of Halloween candies, and a free minion. Once a mass has started you will have ten minutes to join before it auto sends, or it will auto send when 250 users have joined the mass. Listed below are the hp values of each candy:

  • Candy Teeth - 3hp

  • Toffeet - 5hp

  • Chocolified Skull - 8hp

  • Rotten Sweets - 9hp

  • Hairyfloss - 12hp

  • Eyescream - 13hp

  • Goblinfinger Soup - 20hp

  • Benny's Brain Brew - 50hp

  • Roasted Newt - 120hp

Two schedules for the boss can be found in the pinned messages of the Halloween channel in the discord. The boss rewards guaranteed Halloween candies, (listed above) as well as a chance (1/5) at a piece of the spooky armour set, and a pet. This consists of:

  • Haunted Boots

  • Haunted Gloves

  • Haunted Cloak

  • Haunted Amulet

  • Pumpkinhead's Headbringer

  • Pumpkinhead's Pumpkin Head

  • Mini Pumpkinhead

It is highly recommended for anybody that is dry on items from the boss to attempt to buy a Haunted Amulet, as when you have the amulet equipped, did not roll a unique item, and have received two or less total unique drops in the Pumpkinhead CL, you will have a 50% chance to receive a unique item in your name. If you have received a pet in the mass, your drop will be highlighted in bold.

Note: All the items obtainable from this event will be discontinued, and mysterious tokens will be unusable.

Special thanks to Dark and DT for compiling this information.

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