Igne Tame

Once you have received a Dragon Egg drop from Ignecarus, you can go about growing your own tame!

You can send the dragon tame out on PvM trips and it will get you loot.

Having an idle dragon tame gives a 20% reduction in log and ore cost at the Baxtorian Bathhouses.

Hatching the Tame

The dragon tame will take 18.5 hours to hatch. Once hatched there is a 1/30 chance its a rare shiny dragon, which is increased by 3% (to 1/29) with a Ring of luck equipped or in the bank.

See Tames for more information on hatching it.


It starts off as a baby, but grows from baby -> juvenile -> adult. At the adult stage, its the strongest. It grows up over time while doing PvM trips. You need to feed it raw food each time it goes on a trip.

When your tame hatches, their stats are decided. However, it doesn't reach its full potential until it's fully grown. You can calculate what max-stats your dragon will have by multiplying the baby stats by 3 (keeping in mind rounding up/down). This stat influences how fast it does PvM trips.

You can send the dragon tame on trips with /tames kill [monster].

For more information on tame commands see Tames


You can feed the dragon tame certain items with /tames feed [item] Note: Feeding any other items (food included) will have no effect\


Abyssal Cape

20% food reduction


+35 minutes to trip lengths


25% extra loot

Dwarven Warhammer

30% speed boost

Mr. E

1/12 chance to double loot

Impling Locator

chance to find implings

Equip, do not feed: Igne Claws

5-35% (See Igne Claws)

Equip, do not feed: Igne Armor

Allow you to kill additional monsters, as well as reduce food usage by 5-33% (See Igne Armor)

Boss requirements

Certain demi bosses require a minimum tier of Igne Armor to be killed.

A minimum of Justiciar igne armor is needed for the following:

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