Mad Marimbo's Monkey Rumble

Monkey Rumble is a minigame where you wear a greegree to turn into a monkey, and then fight other monkeys/gorillas! You will gain Strength, Agility and Defence XP, as well as some unique rewards.

Quickstart Guide

  1. /buy`` name:M'speak amulet

  2. /gear equip`` gear_setup:Misc`` item:M'speak amulet

  3. /buy`` name:Beginner rumble greegree

  4. /gear equip`` gear_setup:Misc`` item:Beginner rumble greegree

  5. Make sure you have some fruit, for your monkey-form to eat!

  6. /bsominigames monkey_rumble start

  • You need a m'speak amulet and a rumble greegree (/buy them) to compete. You start off with a Beginner rumble greegree, and after doing more games, you unlock higher greegrees.

  • Higher greegrees (monkey tiers) increase XP and chances of unique rewards, the XP you get scales off your monkey tier AND your strength level.

  • You need food for the fights, but as you're fighting in your monkey form, you can only eat fruits. All of them act as equal amount of healing, except lychee, avocado, and mango give a special speed boost when using them.

  • When doing fights, you will fight random monkeys, there are over 20,000+ possible monkeys you can fight. At a rare chance, you'll fight a special monkey.

  • Special monkeys have purple names and different appearances, and they are the ones who give you the unique rewards after fighting them.

  • You also earn Rumble tokens, the reward currency of this minigame, which you can spend on some rewards, if you have all the rewards, you can spend them on Monkey crates.

  • Monkey rumble has a collection log, /cl name:Mad Marimbo's Monkey Rumble


  • Strength master cape - 17% speed boost

  • Gorilla rumble greegree - 17% speed boost

  • Big banana - 12% higher chance of purple monkeys, 25% less food used

  • Ring of luck - 4% more likely to fight purple monkeys

  • Special Fruit - Lychee 9%, Avocado 6%, Mango 3% speed boost

Special monkey chance: 1/369.6 w/ big banana and ring of luck


Monkey Egg

  • The Monkey Egg hatches into a monkey tame. See Monkey Tame for more information.

  • Dropped by purple monkeys and by chimplings.

Big Banana

  • Reduces food needed in monkey rumbles by 25% and provides a 12% higher chance of purple monkeys.

  • Dropped by purple monkeys.

Monkey dye

  • Creates the following dyed items: Dwarven warnana Twisted bownana, Zaryte bownana, Hellfire bownana

  • Entirely cosmetic.

  • Received from chimplings, special monkeys, and buyable from the shop.

  • Items that are dyed, cannot be undyed.

Marimbo statue

  • A statue you can place in your PoH, as a garden decoration. It has a chance of being dropped by purple monkeys after obtaining a tier 5 rumble greegree.

  • You can place it in your PoH using /poh build`` name:Marimbo statue

Banana enchantment scroll

  • Bought from the reward shop or obtained from chimplings.

  • Allows you to enchant bananas into magic bananas, cannot cast this spell without it.

  • /minion use`` item:Banana enchantment scroll

  • /activities enchant`` name:Banana


  • Requires Magic bananas to catch, when you catch one, they eat the magic banana from your bank.

  • Can drop some of the monkey rumble rewards (including the egg) at a very rare rate.

  • Also drops seeds, TMB's and grandmaster clue scrolls.

Monkey Crate

  • A crate containing fruit seeds, mystery boxes, lamps, and clue scrolls.

  • There's an uncommon chance of getting them during fights, or you can buy them with rumble tokens.

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