Monkey Tame

Monkey tame, hatched from Monkey Egg.

Congratulations! You have beat enough monkeys to be rewarded with your very own chimp! Your ape can run around and gather supplies for you while you monkey around elsewhere.

Hatching the Tame

There are no specific requirements to hatch the monkey tame. See Tames for more information on hatching it.

On hatching, there is a 1/60 chance that it could be a shiny monkey, which is increased by 3% (to 1/58) with a Ring of luck equipped or in the bank.


Upon getting a Monkey Egg, you can put it in your nursery and hatch it. It will take 4.5 hours to hatch. Once hatched it will grow over time from a baby -> juvenile -> adult.

In order for the tame to grow you have to send it out on collecting trips Like the /collect command, you can send your monkey tame off to go collect items. e.g. /tames collect blue dragon scale

A baby monkey is equivalent to the collecting speed of a minion, an adult monkey can get over 3x faster, with the 2 fed item boosts!

For more information on tame commands see Tames


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