Custom Content and Boosts

  • Elder Birdhouses - can be set at level 99 Hunter, giving random seeds and a chance at Grandmaster Clues

  • Scroll of the Hunt - +4 Birdhouses

  • Sand Geckos - can be hunted at 120 Hunter, 99 Agility, and 99 Fishing, consuming 1 simple kibble per 8 geckos. They reward various mystery boxes, and have a chance to give the Sandy pet

  • Eastern Ferret - can be hunted at 96 Hunter, consuming 1 delicious kibble per 2 ferrets. Chance at Zippy pet

  • Chimpchompas - Requires 99 hunter, any MR greegree, and 1 banana per catch as bait

  • Sandy - 3x hunter loot (2x sand gecko loot w/ Hunter Master Cape)

  • Hunter Master Cape - 2x Speed boost to Hunter, +4 birdhouses, 2x loot from Sand Geckos with Sandy equipped, 2x implings

  • Quick Trap - 25% Speed boost to Hunter

Optimal Gear Setup

Hunter master cape, Sandy

Wildy setup - Royal d'hide body and chaps (cost effective)


Xp rates without Hunter Master Cape

MethodXp / Hr

Elder Birdhouse


Sand Gecko


Black Chinchompa


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