Custom Content and Boosts

  • Dwarven Greathammer - 2x Speed boost to Crafting

  • Klik - Provides 3x boost when tanning (Do not use in conjunction with the Dwarven Greathammer, as it will override the pet perk)

  • Royal dragonhide - Highest tier hide obtained from killing Queen Black Dragon

  • Royal dragon leather - Made by tanning Royal dragonhide

  • Scroll of dexterity - 15% extra output in crafting

  • Heat Res. Vial - Made with molten glass and athelas paste

  • Master Hammer and Chisel - 45% Speed boost to Crafting

  • Portable Tanner - Automatically tans hides obtained from /k

  • Carapace Armour (Adamant equivalent) - helm, legs, gloves, torso, boots

Optimal Gear Setup

Klik when tanning, Dwarven Greathammer when crafting, Crafting master cape, Materials for Master Hammer and Chisel invention.


MethodXp / Hr

Heat Res. Vial


Royal dragonhide body


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