Moktang is a mining-skilling boss, made of rocks and lava. The boss is created by you, by using a spell on rocks. You create 'Moktang totems' using rocky/magic materials and elder runes, and then you use the totems to summon the boss and fight it.

Moktang drops the Igne gear frame, which is used in creating the Igne Claws and Igne Armour to improve your Igne tame. It also drops an item used to create volcanic pickaxes, the highest tier pickaxes.

Get Started

  • /create item:Moktang totem

  • /k name:Moktang


  • 105 Mining

  • Heat res. brews and restores

  • Crystal OR Dwarven OR Dragon OR Volcanic pickaxe

  • Moktang totems (20 elder runes, 50 rocky and 20 magic invention materials)


  • Higher mining levels - up to 36% at 120 mining

  • Mining master cape - 5%

  • Dwarven armour equipped - less brews needed)

  • Volcanic pickaxe - 5%

  • Offhand volcanic pickaxe - 3%


  • General loot: stone spirits (100% droprate), clues, boxes, bars, alchables.

  • Dragonstone upgrade kit

Unique Drop Table

Drop Rate

Mini moktang


Volcanic dye


Volcanic shards


Igne gear frame


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