Skilling outfits

Blacksmith Equipment

The Blacksmith set is obtainable from Blacksmith Crates, which drop at a rate of 1/60 from King Goldemar, or from mystery boxes. You can receive duplicates before finishing the set. The full set is required to smith dwarven equipment and tools. When the full set is equipped, a 10% xp boost is given when smithing and when smelting bars at the blast furnace.

Master Runecraft

Obtained from the ourania Delivery Service minigame.

Master Farmer Outfit

The Master Farmer outfit is craftable with 110 Crafting using Ent hides dropped from Treebeard. The outfit gives +3 extra maximum patches, for every type of patch. This stacks with the +2 patches from the Scroll of farming. It does not have to be equipped.

PieceEnt Hide Needed

Master Farmer Hat


Master Farmer Jacket


Master Farmer Pants


Master Farmer Boots


Master Farmer Gloves



Obtained from the Fishing Contest minigame. Functionally the same as angler and spirit angler outfits.


Obtained from the Stealing Creation minigame.


Obtained from the Tinkering Workshop minigame.


Obtained from the Guthixian Cache minigame.

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