Combat Skills

This page covers all of the Combat based Skills, those being: Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Mage, and HP.


  • Weekend - 10% boost to /k during the weekend

  • Dwarven Warhammer - 40% boost to /k outside the wilderness

  • Dwarven Blessing - 20% boost to /k

  • Amulet of Zealots - adds 5% boost to Dwarven Blessing. Additional 5% boost for /k in the wilderness

  • Gorajan - 10% boost to /k for having the appropriate full set of gorajan equipped.

  • Attack Master cape - 15% boost to /k when training melee (ranged and magic master capes will add 15% boost when training their respective skills)

  • Infernal Slayer Helmet - 18% boost to slayer tasks

  • Infernal Slayer Helmet (i) - 22% boost to slayer tasks

  • Rocktails - 7% boost to /k when food is consumed

  • Hellfire Bow - 3x boost to /k in wilderness

  • Void Staff - 8% boost when training magic, uses 5 elder runes per charge.

  • Superior Dwarf Multicannon - 37%-65% boost when using a cannon

Optimal Gear Setup

Full Gorajan and a combat master cape for the respective skill you are training


The best xp rates for these skills are obtained through killing Vet'ion with the maximum possible boosts; those being the following:

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