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Invention is a skill where you disassemble items to get materials, and then use those materials to make inventions. Inventions are items which give you boosts and perks, at the cost of materials. You need level 90 Crafting to train Invention.

All aspects of the Invention skill are accessed using /invention


  • Using /invention disassemble , select the item you want to disassemble.

  • You will disassemble those items into materials. The materials you get are dependent on the group the item is in. For example, items in the Food group will give Organic materials at a 100% ratio. However, some items are obviously more valuable, like a Shark vs a Trout. Check out /invention tools command:Material Groups for a full list of items you can disassemble.

  • Use /invention materials to see what materials you own. Note: They are not tradeable, and cannot be transferred to other players.

  • The difference between items (e.g. Shark vs Trout) is their level, a Shark has a higher level - and the level determines the Junk Chance of the item, so a Shark is much less likely to become junk. Everything has a chance (high or small) of becoming junk.

  • The amount of XP you get from disassembly is dependent on the level of the item and your invention level.


  • Now you have materials!

  • Use /invention research to research with a particular material type, effectively sending your minion to use this material and try to research and discover things it can make with it.

  • If successful, you will discover a blueprint which uses the material that you are researching with. For example, if a particular invention uses sharp materials, and you're researching with sharp materials, you have a chance to unlock the blueprint for it.

  • Blueprints only need to be unlocked once, and they grant you the ability to create that invention.


  • Now you have materials, and the blueprint for the Invention you want!

  • Use /invention invent to create the particular invention you want.

  • Inventions cost materials to make, and some inventions cost items to make. These are one-time costs.

  • Once you have made an invention, if its one that works from the bank, its ready to go! If it's one that needs to be equipped (like Silverhawk boosts), then you'll need to equip them.

  • Inventions cost a small amount of materials each time you use them.

  • You can use /config user toggle_invention invention:name to temporarily toggle a invention off, if you don't want to use it.

  • That's it! Your inventions will never break or need to be created again. You cannot trade inventions.


Invention (level)EffectMaterials [Weight]

Superior Bonecrusher (70)

25% bonus xp over Gorajan Bonecrusher

Pious[5] Sharp[1] Magic[4]

Dwarven Toolkit (80)

35% speed boost to disassembly

Dwarven[8] Metallic[2]

Superior Inferno Adze (80)

Automatically burns logs chopped and smelts ores mined. Costs nothing to use.

Sharp[3] Base[3] Metallic[1] Magic[3]

Superior Dwarf Multicannon (80)

37%-65% speed boost to pvm when cannoning

Strong[4] Heavy[2] Metallic[4]

Mecha Rod (85)

45% speed boost to fishing

Flexible[5] Organic[3] Strong[2]

Master Hammer and Chisel (90)

45% speed boost to crafting

Simple[3] Sharp[2] Metallic[2] Swift[3]

Quick Trap (90)

25% speed boost to box-trap hunting

Precious[1] Magic[6] Organic[3]

Silverhawk Boots (90)

1.9x speed boost to agility, up to 36k agility xp/hr fully passive

Swift[5] Protective[1] Dextrous[4]

Mecha Mortar (95)

45% speed boost to herblore

Organic[8] Metallic[2]

Portable Tanner (95)

Tans hides you get from PvM

Metallic[2] Plated[3] Organic[5]

Chincannon (100)

60% speed boost to raids at cost of raid loot.

Explosive (10)

Wisp-buster (100)

30% xp boost to Divination

Pious[4] Powerful[1] Magic[4] Heavy[1]

Divine Hand (100)

30% boost to energy yield in Divination

Pious[2] Magic[7] Strong[1]

Drygore axe (100)

10x success multiplier to woodcutting (Compared to 8x for Dwarven)

Drygore[7] Sharp[3]

Moonlight Mutator (100)

Converts random seeds into zyogmite spores

Organic[5] Magic[5]

Drygore Saw (105)

40% speed boost to construction

Drygore[7] Sharp[3]

Arcane Harvester (110)

Increases farming yield by 100%

Organic[5] Magic[5]

Clue Upgrader (110)

Chance to upgrade Beginner-Elite clues to next tier when received as loot in PvM.

Treasured[8] Metallic[2]

Abyssal Amulet (120)

Boosts runecrafting by varying amounts depending on the rune

Magic[4] Metallic[2] Treasured[2]

RoboFlappy (120)

Provides double loot from minigames, replicates the effect of the discontinued pet Flappy but with material costs

Magic[4] Organic[2] Metallic[4]


  • There are bank filters for every material to show all items in your bank which give a particular material. For example, if you want sharp materials, you could do /bank filter:sharp-material to see all items you can disassemble to get some

  • If your goal is just to train Invention, or to reach level 120, you can just disassemble cheap items! You don't have to disassemble expensive, valuable items.

  • There's a collection log for Invention, showing all the Inventions, and the pet it comes with.


  • Inventor's Outfit - 4% xp boost to disassemble

Disassembly Boosts

Master capes Disassembly Boosts

Master capes give a 5% junk chance reduction for a group relating to their skill. For example, the Mining master cape reduces the junk chance of the Ores group by 5% - meaning that when you're disassembling items from the Ores group, you'll be getting effectively 5% more materials!

Master capeGroup That It Reduces

Smithing master cape


Mining master cape


Woodcutting master cape


Firemaking master cape


Herblore master cape


Farming master cape


Cooking master cape


Fishing master cape

Raw Food

Construction master cape


Fletching master cape

Bows, Unstrung Bows

Crafting master cape


Runecraft master cape

Talisman, Runes

Ranged master cape


Attack master cape

Swords, Longswords

Strength master cape

Blunt Weapons, Maces

Defence master cape

Shield, Defender

Magic master cape


Prayer master cape


Other Disassembly boosts


Dwarven toolkit (Invention)

35% faster disassembly

Invention master cape

5% faster disassembly

Invention master cape

5% extra materials

Inventor's outfit

4% xp boost

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