The lottery is an ongoing event that occurs in BSO only. It is an opportunity to buy lottery tickets with GP or items for a chance to win some of the lottery pool.

To get tickets you can either:

  • /buy name:Bank lottery ticket - The tickets are 10M ea.

  • =lotterybank item - You will receive one ticket for every 10M worth of items that you donate, rounded down. Not currently active

The tickets are tradeable and you can buy and sell them from other players.

The lottery is not rolled on any specific day. Whenever the pool gets to be big enough (up to Magnaboy's discretion), it is rolled live in Discord for people to view. Keep an eye out on the #bso-news channel for information about when a lottery will be rolled!

When the lottery is rolled, there are generally multiple winners. Prizes are split into three categories:

  • GP: The total GP in the lottery is split into multiple winners, not necessarily with equal amounts.

  • Items: All the items that have been donated to the lottery are generally split between multiple people.

  • Valuable Item: If there are a "valuable items" in the lottery (Smokey, Cob, DWWH, etc) one winner is rolled for each one.

For every ticket that you have in the bank, you have one roll. The more tickets you have the higher your chance to win. A short while before the lottery is rolled, all minions will be locked to keep track of how many tickets people have.

To check on how the lottery is looking, Patreons T3 and above can do =lotteryNot currently active

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