Nex is an endgame boss that requires 95 prayer and a Frozen Key to start. You can either Solo or Mass it and requires some high level ranged gear to fight. Its unique drops are Pernix, Torva and Virtus gear. Nex also drops a decent amount of TMB's and Grandmaster clues. /k name:Nex (Solo) /k name:Nex (Mass)

Gear Recommendations

The Abyssal Cape is highly recommended to start out with. It significantly reduces your chance of death.

To start with Nex, it is recommended to aim for a gear setup with 205+ ranged attack and as high ranged defence as possible, to reduce the cost of Saradomin Brews and Super Restores. Having a barbarian assault arrow (from untradeable mystery boxes) equipped in your ammo slot will help immensely with range attack bonus, allowing you to use more tanky gear. You will receive a speed penalty if you have less than 200 ranged attack bonus.

Max Range Setup

  • Full Gorajan Archer

  • Farsight Snapshot Necklace

  • Venator Ring

  • Hellfire Bow / Zaryte Bow

  • Abyssal Cape / Combatants Cape

  • In a max range setup the arrow slot doesn't make any differences.

  • Each kill takes 8 Minutes (480.28 seconds, rounded down.)

9 kills per trip.* Removed brews/restores from users: 45/15. The trip will take 1 hour 12 minutes and 28 seconds. *Note that this is with the time boost of a Hitpoints Master Cape and T3 Patron.

Ironman Setup

Warning - It is extremely likely you will die repeatedly with this setup but your mileage may vary. It therefore is recommended for irons to gain some kc in masses.


All boosts are divided by team size

  • Full Pernix - 20% (2.4% per individual piece)

  • Full Gorajan Archer - 15%

  • Zaryte bow - 20%


Nex drops broken armour pieces that need to be repaired using components made from God Wars sets. The Torva set is made by using /createitem:revert on Bandos pieces, and then using /createitem:[piece name]. Pernix and Virtus are made the same way, but require Armadyl and Ancestral components respectively.

  • Ancient emblem: Currently does not have a use.

  • Bloodsoaked feather: Used to create the nex pet, Nexterminator.

  • Ancient hilt: Used to create the Ancient Godsword

  • Nex armour: Torva, pernix, and virtus armour sets that can be upgraded to best-in-slot Gorajan armour.

    • The rate to hit the gear table scales based on team size and each item on the table has an equal chance, meaning any specific item is roughly 1/1600

  • Nex weapons: High level weapons dropped on the same table as Nex armour.

    • Zaryte bow: Provides a boost to Nex and is used to create the Hellfire bow.

    • Virtus Crystal: Used to make a Virtus book or Virtus wand by combining with a Mage's book or Kodai wand

Unique Drop Table

Drop Rate

Ancient emblem


Bloodsoaked feather


Ancient hilt


Gear table


Clue scroll (grandmaster)


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