Fishing Contest

Daily fishing trip that always takes 1 minute and 41 seconds and resets at 00:00 UTC. Each day the available locations change, along with the respective bait and fish length boosts. Roughly 200k Fishing xp is gained per trip, with longer fish giving more experience.

Starting Out

  • A tackle box and contest rod are required to participate in the Fishing Contest.

    • /buy name: beginner's tackle box

    • /buy contest rod

  • Fishing Contest stats and current locations can be seen with /bsominigames fishing_contest stats_info

  • Fishing Contest trips are sent with /bsominigames fishing_contest fish location:[Location]. One piece of bait is used per fish caught. Type of bait used is based on the location.


  • Crystal fishing rod: Catches 1 extra fish per Fishing Contest trip. It is made with a contest rod and a crystal tool seed.

    • /createitem:crystal fishing rod

  • Tackle boxes: Dropped from Fishing Contest trips when the Fishing level requirement is met. Tackle boxes increase the amount of fish caught per Fishing Contest trip by 1 per tier. They also increase the trip length of all other fishing trips by 1 minute per tier.

    • Beginner's tackle box: Tier 0, no level requirement.

    • Basic tackle box: Tier 1, Level 75 required.

    • Standard tackle box: Tier 2, Level 85 required.

    • Professional tackle box: Tier 3, Level 90 required.

    • Champion's tackle box: Tier 4, Level 110 required.

  • Ring of luck: Increases max fish length by 1 cm.

  • Location dependent boosts: Each Fishing Contest location has its own boost to the min fish length.


  • Fishing outfit: Four pieces of fishing gear obtained randomly. Only one of each piece can be obtained. No use.

  • Golden fishing trophy: Obtained randomly on particularly good Fishing Contest trips. Only one can be obtained. No use.

  • Tackle boxes: Increase fish caught in Fishing Contest and extend fishing trips, see above.

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