Item Contracts

Item contracts work similar to Farming contracts, the bot will ask you for a random item, and you hand it in for a reward. You get GP, clue scrolls, XP Lamps, dragon and rune items as rewards.

You can get your first item contract using /ic info. This is also how you check your current contract.

To hand in your item contract, use /ic send. When you do this you will see the rewards, your next contract, your current streak and total completed. There is an 8 hour cooldown for handing in item contracts.

  • You can be assigned any item that's dropped by TMB's or UMB's

  • You build up a streak if you don't skip any contracts, reaching certain divisible milestones in your streak grants you an extra reward. Every 10th, 25th, 50th, 100th contract gets you a bonus reward, proportional to the size of the streak. It pays to not skip!

  • Item contracts can be skipped with /ic skip, however this will reset your streak and incur a 4 hour cooldown.

  • You can buy the assigned item off other players, you don't have to obtain it yourself.

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