On top of the regular implings you can get, there are 4 more you can get in BSO:

Infernal impling: (requires 94 hunter) Drops TzHaar-related items, 1 in 1 million chance of Uncut onyx

Chimpling: (requires 95 hunter and a magic banana) It can drop seeds, TMB's, GMC's, and the very rare monkey egg. A single magic banana is consumed per catch and can be obtained by casting the /activities enchant name:Banana spell. This requires a regular banana (which can be farmed or created by casting bones to bananas) and a special enchant banana spell scroll which can be obtained from the Monkey Rumble minigame.


Gorilla Rumble greegree


Monkey egg


Monkey Dye


Banana Enchantment Scroll


Eternal impling: (requires 99 hunter) Drops magic-related items (staves, runes, orbs) and grandmaster clues. 1 in 1 million chance of Eternal crystal. Eternal implings use magic to make themselves invisible to hide, thus you can only catch them if you have a Vasa cloak in your bank or equipped.

Mystery impling: (requires 105 hunter) Drops a tradeable/untradeable/pet/equippable mystery box, can drop a grandmaster clue and has a 1 in 1 million chance of dropping another mystery impling jar.

You can view the collection log for implings with /cl name:Implings.

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