Custom Content and Boosts

  • Lil' Lamb - 2x-4x xp boost from /offer

  • Abyssal Dragon Bones - Bis bones obtained from Malygos

  • Royal Dragon Bones - Bis bones obtained from QBD

  • Gorajan Bonecrusher - Passively crushes bones obtained from /k trips. Create by combining the Gorajan Bonecrusher (u) with 3 gorajan shards

  • Prayer Master Cape - 40% Less Prayer Potions consumed while using Dwarven Blessing

  • Superior Bonecrusher - 25% xp boost to the Gorajan Bonecrusher

Optimal Gear Setup

Lil Lamb, Prayer master cape

equipped in skilling: zealot robes


MethodXp / Hr (Average)

Offering Abyssal / Royal bones


n.b. Xp shown in the trip return message does not include the BSO 5x multiplier or any cape multipliers/first age.

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