Custom Content and Boosts

  • Elder Plank - Made with /activities plank_make using Elder Logs, base cost = 8.5k (strongly advised to use Demon Butler unless using speed 5)

  • Elder Table - Made at 105 Construction with Elder Planks

  • Ancient Rejuvenation Pool - Built at 105 construction using 500 brews, 150 restores, 100 stams, 200 prayer pots, 30 elder planks, and 20 marble blocks. It must be built on top of an ornate rejuvenation pool, and it provides a boost to QBD, Corp, Malygos, and Nihiliz.

  • Scroll of proficiency - 15% of planks saved in construction

  • Construction Master Cape - Hatches Nursery Eggs at 2x Speed

  • Drygore Saw - 40% Speed boost to /build

  • Baby yaga house - Perkless custom pet

Optimal Gear Setup

Carpenter's helmet, Carpenter's shirt, Carpenter's trousers, Carpenter's boots, Construction master cape


MethodXp / Hr

Elder Table


n.b. you can increase sawmill speed with /activities plank_make action:Sawmill type:[Plank] speed:[x] at an additional cost. The sawmill charges 2x the base cost and an additional increase for higher speeds

1x speed - 2x cost

2x speed - 3.46x cost

3x speed - 5.2x cost

4x speed - 7.6x cost

5x speed - 10.6x cost

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