Custom Content and Boosts

  • Heat res. potions

  1. Create Athelas paste from crushing the Athelas herb. /mix name: athelas paste

  2. Craft Heat res. vials with molten glass and athelas paste. /craft name: heat res. vial

  3. Mix a Super antifire, 4-dose brew/restore into the heat res. vial. E.g. /mix name: heat res. brew.

  • Enhanced Potions

  1. Create Crystal Dust from crystal shards. /create name:crystal dust

  2. Combine Korulsi and 10 Crystal Dust with one base potion. (Stamina, Restore, Brew, Divine Water)

  • Neem Oil - made with Neem Drupe and Jug of Water.

  • Dragon's Fury - (a potion made at 120 herblore using 3 Ignecarus Scales and 1 Abyssal Dragon Bones)

  • Herblore Master Cape - 10% chance per potion made to get an extra potion

  • Mecha Mortar - 45% Speed boost to Herblore

  • Herbert - Perkless pet found while Mixing

Optimal Gear Setup

Herblore master cape, Invention materials for Mecha Mortar invention


MethodXp / Hr

Heat Res. Potions


Enhanced Potions


Simple Kibble


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