The OSB Wiki has most of the information on each raid, the purpose of this space is to highlight the BSO specific differences.

OSB Chambers of Xeric (CoX)

OSB Theatre of Blood (ToB)

OSB Tombs of Amascut (ToA)

How does 'BiS gear' work?

The gear setups shown are not the only way to get 100% of the gear boosts in raids. The way this is calculated is comparing a 'BiS gear setup' to what your minion has equipped, then working out a % of the stats you have compared to the BiS gear setup.


The ToA 'BiS mage setup' is:

The bot does not check if you have these items equipped, instead it looks at the stat sheet. This is slightly different for different bosses/activities in the bot, but in general a mage setup would compare your Magic Attack, All Defence stats, prayer and Magic Damage. It would reduce your gear score more harshly for missing Magic Damage compared to another stat.

Examples of alternative setups that would give you 100% are:

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