/cook, /kibble

Custom Content and Boosts

  • Remy - 2x Cooking Speed (1.5x on wines)

  • Dwarven Gauntlets - 3x Cooking Speed (does not work with /kibble; does not work with wines; does not stack with Remy)

  • Rocktail - Cooked from Raw Rocktail at lvl 120 cooking

  • Kibble - Used as bait when training Hunter

  • Cooking Master Cape - 5x cooking speed (does not stack with other boosts; does not work with /kibble; does not work with wines)


Create kibble with /kibble kibble:[Kibble name] quantity:[x] using all of the resources listed. This gives cooking and herblore xp

  • Simple Kibble: Requires 105 Cooking and 85 Herblore. Used to hunt sand geckos.

    • Herb: 5x Marrentill or Tarromin

    • Crop: 2.5x Cabbage or Potato or Avocado

    • Fish: 5 HP worth of any raw fish

  • Delicious Kibble: Requires 110 Cooking and 110 Herblore. Used to hunt eastern ferrets.

    • Herb: 10x Cadantine or Kwuarm

    • Crop: 5x Strawberry or Papaya fruit or Mango

    • Fish: 190 HP worth of any raw fish that heals at least 19HP

  • Extraordinary Kibble: Requires 120 Cooking and 100 Herblore. Used as Eagle tame food.

    • Herb: 15x Torstol or Dwarf weed

    • Crop: 7.5x Orange or Pineapple or Lychee

    • Fish: 15x Raw Rocktail

Optimal Gear Setup

Cooking master cape > Dwarven Gauntlets > Remy


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Simple Kibble


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