Emerged Zuk Inferno

The Emerged Zuk Inferno is a new, harder version of the Inferno, where Zuk emerges from the lava, and engages you in a melee fight, and you have to truly kill him in his final form, to win. This is endgame, high-level, costly content, which has heavy requirements, but some very exclusive rewards, which are untradeable.

You can do it using: /activities inferno action:Start Inferno Trip emerged:True


  • All the normal inferno requirements.

  • 102 Defence, 102 Magic, 100 Hitpoints, 107 Ranged, and 105 Prayer.

  • 20 Normal Inferno KC

  • Elder Barrage runes (Elder runes, Blood runes, Death runes)

  • Heat res. brews and Heat res. restores; When Zuk emerges from the lava, lava is splashed and thrown everywhere, which would melt any glass potions, you still need normal brews/restores for before this point though, the heat res is only for the final fight

  • Hellfire bow, Dragon arrows and Hellfire arrows; You need Dragon arrows for the pre-emerged stage, and Hellfire arrows for the final emerged fight. You equip the Dragon arrows, and keep the Hellfire arrows banked.

  • Full Pernix (or full gorajan archer), and a farsight snapshot necklace, in your range outfit

  • Full Virtus (or full gorajan occult), and a arcane blast necklace, and a virtus wand, in your mage outfit.

  • Full Torva (or full gorajan warrior), minus the helm, and a drygore mainhand + offhand (of any kind), equipped in your melee outfit.

  • A blowpipe, loaded with dragon/rune/amethyst darts and scales.


Boosts listed here are specifically for Emerged Zuk attempts. Refer to the Inferno guide or the OSB Wiki for other boosts you think you may be missing. The boosts that apply there will also apply to emerged runs since you have to complete the regular inferno prior to challenging the emerged version of Zuk in each run.

The number of times you have completed the Inferno and the Emerged Inferno will also contribute to the boosts you receive greatly. Due to the math surrounding how these boosts are calculated, they are left out of this page.

It is currently impossible to complete the Emerged Inferno in under 4 attempts. Until you exceed that, speed is encouraged.

Death chance reductions

  • TzKal cape (Pre-Zuk: -5%, Zuk: -5%, Emerged Zuk: -10%)

  • 120 Defence (Emerged Zuk: -10%)

  • Divine spirit shield (Pre-Zuk: -12%, Emerged Zuk: -9%)

  • Gorajan outfits* (Pre-Zuk: -3.5%, Zuk: -3.5%, Emerged Zuk: -8% )

Speed Boosts

  • TzKal cape (-5%)

  • Ignis ring(i) (-5%)

  • Dwarven warhammer (-7%) (Does not have to be equipped)

  • Gorajan outfits* (-5%)

*Boosts stack per outfit

Rewards (All Are Untradeable)

  • TzKal-Zuk's skin: Used to create the TzKal cape

  • TzKal cape: The new BiS melee cape, created with 1 TzKal-zuks skin, 20 onyx, 1 infernal cape, 1 abyssal cape. Gives boosts to various bosses/places.

  • Head of TzKal-Zuk: Used to craft the Infernal slayer helmet. (1/15)

  • Infernal slayer helmet: A new slayer helmet, with a +3% higher on-task boost. Created with 1 head of tzkal-zuk, 30 onyx, 1 black mask.

  • Infernal slayer helmet(i): The best slayer helmet, a imbued version of the regular infernal slayer helmet. Upgrades to a +7% higher on-task boost and counts as any single gorajan helmet. Created with Infernal slayer helmet, 10 onyx, 3 gorajan shards, torva full helm, virtus helmet, pernix helmet, magus scroll. You use the Magus scroll to imbue the power of the pernix/virtus/torva helms and the gorajan shards into the slayer helm

  • Infernal core: Used to create the Infernal Bulwark, and more things planned. (1/10)

  • Infernal Bulwark: An upgraded and stronger version of the Dinhs Bulwark, the new BiS defensive weapon. Created using an infernal core, 5 onyx and a dinhs bulwark.

  • Jal-MejJak: The new pet! No use/perks (1/75 on task, 1/100)

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