Monkey Rumble Store

Use command /buy name:[Item name] to access the Monkey Rumble Store.

Items to be bought:

ItemToken Cost (KC needed)Description

Beginner rumble greegree


Requires 80 strength to use

Intermediate rumble greegree

17 (50 fights)

Requires 90 strength to use

Ninja rumble greegree

25 (100 fights)

Requires 100 strength

Expert ninja rumble greegree

34 (200 fights)

Requires 110 strength

Elder rumble greegree

42 (500 fights)

Requires 120 strength

Gorilla rumble greegree

1000 (1000 fights)

Requires 120 strength, provides 17% speed boost to monkey rumble

Banana enchantment scroll


Allows you to enchant bananas into magic bananas for chimpling use. (/minion use item:Banana enchantment scroll, /activities enchant name:Banana)

Monkey dye


Used to cosmetically enhance your Zaryte bow, Hellfire bow, Twisted bow or Dwarven warhammer.

Monkey crate


Contains fruit seeds, mystery boxes, lamps, clue scrolls, magic bananas.

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