Ourania Delivery Service (ODS)

The ODS is like the Gnome Restaurant, except instead of delivering food, you craft runes and then deliver them to Wizards in need.

It's a pretty simple activity to do, the only requirement is that you have Pure essence to craft the runes with.

You can start a trip using /bsominigames ourania_delivery_service start

After finishing deliveries, you'll get Runecraft XP and Ourania tokens. The tokens can be spent on a few rewards. You can buy rewards using tokens with /bsominigames ourania_delivery_service buy name:[Item name].

Because both Kuro and Flappy provide benefits to Ourania Delivery Service, it is optimal to have a Roboflappy in the bank and equip Kuro to get the benefit of both.

ODS Shop

Through ODS, you get Ourania tokens which scale with your Runecraft level. You can check how many tokens you have with /bsominigames ourania_delivery_service stats.

These are the things you can buy with the tokens:


Master Runecrafter Hat


Master Runecrafter Robe


Master Runecrafter Skirt


Master Runecrafter Boots


Elder Thread


Elder Talisman


Magic Crate


  • Master runecrafter hat/robe/skirt/boots: Gives 10% bonus XP when Runecrafting and must be equipped in skilling or misc.

  • Elder thread: Can be used to upgrade an Abyssal pouch to make it carry significantly more essence, which hugely increases Runecraft XP/hr. Requires 105 RC to use and a spare abyssal pouch for maximum benefit.

  • Elder talisman: Allows you to be able to runecraft Elder runes, if it's in your bank. Crafting Elder runes is the best Runecraft XP/hr.

  • Magic Crate: A mystery box that has a chance to win a Huge Lamp or Magus Scroll

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