Naxxus is a solo only boss that drops several mage gear upgrades.


  • 120 Magic

  • 110 Slayer

  • 110 Prayer

Naxxus is unique in that it calculates your gear score based off of two setups. For this fight, you will need strong melee and magic gear. The BiS gear is as follows:

For this fight you will also need Enhanced Potions.

Getting Started

To fight the boss, use /k name: naxxus


  • Void Staff - 10%

  • Abyssal Tome - 7.5%

  • Tzkal Cape - 5%

  • Vasa Cloak - 5%

  • Ignis Ring (i) - 2.5%

  • Spellbound Ring/(i) - 2%/2.5%


The unique drops from Naxxus are untradeable (all four items listed below). There is a special mechanic with Naxxus where you won't get a duplicate unique until you have all of them at least once. The chance to roll the unique table is 1/150, the Abyssal Gem and Spellbound ring are more likely to drop first.

  • Dark Crystal: Used to /create the Void Staff (u), a chargeable BiS magic weapon that provides boosts to Cox, Vasa, Sea Kraken, and Naxxus

  • Tattered Tome: Used to /create the Abyssal Tome, a BiS magic tome that boosts Naxxus

  • Spellbound Ring: BiS magic ring that boosts Naxxus, it can be imbued with a Magus Scroll to further increase the stats

  • Abyssal Gem: Used to invent the Abyssal Amulet

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