Getting Started

This page is a guide for getting started on BSO if you're new to the bot. It is not an efficiency guide, or a guide designed for ironmen.

This guide assumes you have bought a minion (/minion buy) and have read the OSB Starter Guide. Once you have mid-level equipment (Barrow's or Godwars equipment) and a few mid to high level stats (80s+), then you are done with the early game prep for BSO. Most of the content within BSO takes place in the endgame, with a few exceptions such as QBD, Dungeoneering, and some custom pets. To build up early money aside from what you earn levelling skills, it is advised to frequently redeem your /minion daily, as well as opening or selling any mystery boxes you may receive for extra money. You can also earn decent money while training combat stats by levelling your Slayer skill. Much of the content before doing end game content (which consists mainly of custom bosses) is levelling stats and gathering money to purchase better gear from other players. Once you have a decent amount of money, you can kill demi-bosses as a method of earning a decent amount of cash from unique drops and Grandmaster Clues. These demi-bosses consist of, in order from lowest requirements to highest: Queen Black Dragon, Sea Kraken, Treebeard*, Malygos*, Nihiliz* *These bosses are better fought with higher tier equipment, so read the following: It is advised that after you have killed the demi-bosses enough to afford better gear to focus on killing Kalphite King and Nex for the best weapons and armour, respectively. Having these gear pieces unlocks the current end stage of the game, consisting of bosses with high requirements and high rewards. Vasa Magus, King Goldemar, Ignecarus, and Emerged Zuk are all late-game bosses that reward BIS gear items for different activities. As far as content goes, the above is the current endgame for PvM. However, there are various skilling activities and minigames not listed in this guide that are easily accessed on other wiki pages. If you wish to be more involved with BSO then it is highly recommended that you read up on a few, if not most, of the wiki pages in order to have a better grasp on everything available within the bot.

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