Vasa Magus

Vasa Magus is a solo only magic boss where it is not possible to fail. It has a special loot mechanic where loot is rolled from a random boss on each kill. It also drops mystery boxes.

You can kill Vasa Magus using /k name:Vasa Magus.


  • 110 Magic

  • 55-100 Elder runes per kill

  • Decent mage gear

  • Brews and Restores


You should use the best possible mage gear you have, Virtus is the best gear you can have aside from Gorajan Occult.

Necklace: Arcane blast necklace Cape: Vasa cloak Arrow slot: Dwarven blessing Weapon: Void staff Shield: Spellbound tome Ring: Spellbound ring (i)


  • Magus scroll:

    • Can be used to imbue a Bryophyta staff, making it 2x more effective at saving nature runes.

      • /createitem:bryophyta staff(i)

    • Can be used to imbue an Ignis ring to make the bis melee ring

      • /createitem:ignis ring (i)

    • Can be used to imbue an Infernal slayer helmet, see Emerged Zuk Inferno

      • /createitem:infernal slayer helmet(i)

    • Can be used to imbue a Spellbound ring from Naxxus/create item: spellbound ring(i)

  • Voidling: A pet that will alch items from your favorite alchs list when you're on a trip. Owning a Magic master cape greatly increases the amount of alchs per trip.

  • Tattered robes of Vasa: Used to craft a Vasa cloak, the BiS mage cape.

    • Requires 105 runecrafting & 105 crafting + 1 Imbued mage arena cape + 1 Abyssal cape + 1 Tattered robes of Vasa

      • /createitem:vasa cloak

  • Magical artifact: Alchs for 50m.

  • Jar of magic: Just a magical jar, has no use.

  • Random Loot: Vasa has a special loot mechanic, where it drops the loot of 1-3 kills of a random boss per kill.

Unique Drop Table

Drop Rate

Magus scroll




Tattered robes of vasa


Magical artifact


Jar of magic


Clue scroll (grandmaster)


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