Custom Content and Boosts

  • Harry - Increases mark of grace rate and eliminates level-scaling for marks of grace

  • Cob - 2x speed boost at Hallowed Sepulchre

  • Daemonheim agility pass - Allows access to the best agility course at lvl 101 agility.

  • Daemonheim agility course - Chance to find dungeoneering dyes and gorajan shards (2.5x rate of the dungeoneering skill; i.e. 1/2000 becomes 1/5000)

  • Sepulchre Floor 6 and 7 - Unlocked at levels 105 and 115 respectively.

  • Monkey Rumble - While doing this minigame you can receive agility experience at about 1/4th of the strength xp you receive

  • Agility Master Cape - Acts as a full set of graceful

  • Silverhawk Boots - 36k/hr passive xp and 1.9x speed boost to /laps

  • Graceful portent - converts marks of grace found on trips into bonus xp

Optimal Gear Setup

Cob, Agility master cape, silverhawk boots


MethodXp / Hr

Daemonheim Agility Course


Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 7


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