Tombs of Amascut (ToA)

See the OSB wiki for general info.


Boosts are different in BSO to the OSB version, they are as followed:

  • Void staff (50%) (Equipped in Mage)

  • Bandos godsword (2%) (Works from bank)

  • Hellfire bow (4%) (Equipped in Range)

  • Zaryte crossbow (9%) or Dragon claws (6%) (Works from bank)

  • Chincannon (60% speed boost at cost of raid loot)*

* Must be equipped in range setup

Reference Setups

See How does 'BiS gear' work? for an explanation on gear setups.



Note: You need to equip enough arrows to use (150 per raid, usage is reduced by Ava's effect). If using a Hellfire bow you need to use Hellfire arrows, Twisted bow can use Adamant, Rune, Amethyst, Dragon or Hellfire arrows, Bow of Faedhinen (c) does not require arrows


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