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Custom Content and Boosts

n.b. for boosts please see the combat skills section


For EHP only use Konar and adhere to the following blocks, skips, and unlocks

  • Blocks: Hydras, Drakes, Wyrms, Black Demons, Cave Krakens, Hellhounds, Greater Demons, Kalphites, Fire Giants

  • Skips: Aberrant Spectres, Adamant Dragons, Blue Dragons, Brine Rats, Bronze Dragons, Gargoyles, Iron Dragons, Kurasks, Mutated Zygomites, Rune Dragons, Skeletal Wyverns, Steel Dragons, Trolls, Turoths, Waterfieds.

  • Task Extensions: Nechs Please, To dust you shall return, Bleed me dry, Ankou Very Much, Augment my Abbies

  • Unlock Stop the Wyvern and do not unlock any additional tasks.

With all of these steps in place, one can expect to receive a rough average of 3m xp/h.

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